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Rely on C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing to carry out efficient Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) testing throughout New Zealand

• Thorough electrical inspection and testing procedure   • Qualified appliance testers
• Earth continuity test, polarity test, trip time test for RCD’s
• Throughout Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and across New Zealand
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Tag Testing Specialist

Efficient electrical inspection and testing procedure for all NZ test and tag requirements

Electrical safety is paramount all over the country. As the employer, it is your responsibility to ensure staff and customers are safe from electrocution, fire or injuries caused by hidden faults. The Health and Safety at Work Act has changed – and the easiest way to be compliant is to test and tag.


Professional testing using a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) in NZ should be carried out on a range of equipment including:
  • computer equipment
  • general office equipment
  • power tools
  • electrical appliances
  • electric blankets
  • extension leads
  • multi boxes
  • RCD’s


Whether you run a large workplace in a major city like Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch or a small business in a provincial town like Masterton, C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing can ensure all portable equipment, tools and appliances meet the relevant standards and are safe to use. Depending on the equipment and use, testing is required anywhere from every three months up to five-yearly. 

C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing has a current health and safety policy for working in your workplace.

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Five step electrical inspection and testing procedure

This is the five-step process C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing uses to test and tag in an NZ workplace:


  1. Enquiry – After you’ve made an electrical testing and tagging enquiry a booking will be made for a PAT appliance tester to visit your site or workplace.
  2. Visual inspection – A visual inspection of all your appliances and tools is done first, to identify any obvious problems. Almost 90% of faults are picked up at this early stage.
  3. Test with Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) – To ensure integrity in the process, all equipment is tested with a PAT to AS/NZS3670 standards with pre-set tolerances.
  4. Tagging – If the appliance passes the electrical testing process, it is then fitted with a durable, non-reusable tag. If it fails any stage of electrical testing the technician will consult with you as to the process needed to repair or dispose of the item/appliance.
  5. Reports – At the conclusion of testing, you are provided with a report which shows every item tested and the results. Each item is numbered and given a barcode for future testing. This report can be used as an asset register and for internal audit purposes. All reporting is free of charge and included in the per tag price.

If you are seeking an appliance tester or RCD tester – choose C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing

C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing specialises solely in electrical testing with advanced and efficient test and tagging equipment. The technicians do not carry out repairs and therefore have no ulterior motive in failing equipment to gain further business in costly repairs. The following tag and tests are undertaken:

  • Earth continuity test – for class I equipment, cord extension sets and RCD’s.
  • Insulation test – leakage test on both class I and class II equipment as well as cord extension sets, multi boxes and RCD’s.
  • Polarity test – for cord extensions sets and multi boxes.
  • Trip time test – for RCD’s

Please note that if equipment doesn’t have internal switching activated during testing then a 500-volt insulation test is the acceptable alternative test used.

For expert electrical testing, contact C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing by filling out the online form. After making an enquiry, you will be called back as soon as possible. If you are interested in tag and test training and running your own franchise, give us a call.

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