Ensure Your Electrical Appliances Are Safe At Home

Everyone has numerous electrical appliances in their home. TVs, microwaves, computers, the list is endless. Most of us have owned these products and devices for an extended amount of time, which might mean that they are not as fit for purpose as they once were. Ensuring that there is no significant risk from your electrical appliances and that they won’t cause a fire will offer peace of mind to many. Engage the services of C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing to safeguard your home and protect your assets from catching on fire due to your electrical appliances.

Testing and Tagging in Homes

The team at C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing is well-versed in testing various kinds of electrical appliances and giving you a report about their health at the time of tagging. We follow all New Zealand regulations and requirements and will point out any discrepancies with products in your home. If you have computer equipment, electric blankets, extension leads and different appliances in your home, getting them tested and tagged will ensure they meet the relevant standards and are safe to use.

If you would like a peace of mind about the performance of electrical products in your home, contact our team. They will visit your home, visually inspect all electrical appliances and cables, test with a portable appliance tester and tag the products if they pass the examination. We provide you with a full report that shows the result of every item that we tested in your home.

Let Us Ensure Your Home Is Safe

Get in touch with our professional test and tag team to assess the health of your electrical items at home. We are fully qualified and will point out any issues that we may come across to make your home a safe and healthy place to live in.

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