Portable Appliance Testing

Electrical testing is an essential part of keeping your workers and customers on your premises safe. As a manager, it becomes your responsibility to ensure all electrical items in the location are safe to use and doesn’t pose any unnecessary risks. Portable appliance testing involves inspecting and testing portable electrical items, which often are the source of electrical faults in offices and warehouses. Although you might think that many faults can be recognised by visual inspection, that is often not the case as there could be underlying issues. Ensure your equipment is safe with a trusted electrical tester and tagger in Wellington.

What appliances need to be tested and why?

All portable electrical appliances in commercial situations should be tested and tagged. Whether you have computer equipment, power tools, extension leads or general office equipment, these need to be inspected by a certified electrician to ensure that they work to their requirements. Especially if you have just purchased some new electrical items or have some repaired and serviced, get them tested and tagged to ensure they work as well as they should.

Tag Testing Electrical performs both a visual inspection and thorough electrical tests with our portable appliance tester (PAT). We tag all appliances that pass the test and will suggest repairs or disposals of items that fail. Our comprehensive reports show the result of every appliance that we tested, so you can have a thorough record for asset registering and audit purposes. Keep your workplace and employees safe with regular portable appliance testing!

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