Keep Your Employees and Office Space Safe

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe workplace for your employees without the risk of electrocution, fire or injuries caused by hidden faults. To comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, you should test and tag all your electrical appliances in the workplace. Old items can pose a significant risk to people working and coming to visit your office. As an employer, you should put safety measures in place to keep everything running smoothly. C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing can help you with assessing the health of electrical items.

Office Electrical Inspections

C.A.C Electrical Tag Testing uses a portable appliance tester to assess your electrical products. We comply with all New Zealand requirements and will ensure your office is safe from any hidden electrical risks. We can test computer equipment, general office equipment, electrical appliances, extension leads, multi boxes and RCD’s with our accurate and high performing equipment.

Whether you are in a large workplace in the capital city or own a small business rurally, we will ensure that all your electrical equipment complies with the relevant standards and are safe to use. We will first perform a visual test to see if we can notice anything on the item. We will then test with our highly accurate equipment and tag the product if it passes the test. Our team will provide you with a full report of our assessment to give you peace of mind and keep it for future purposes.

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